'IP Blocker' script

Block access to your website for defined IP-addresses with IP Blocker script. It is easy now! You just need to insert couple of PHP lines in the beginning of your webpages and all visitors, who has defined IP-addresses, will be rejected. Script has admin panel where you can define and manage ranges of IP-addresses. Please try ADMIN PANEL (login: admin, password: admin). Feel free to add your own range (where your IP-address included in) and see how it works by accessing THIS WEBSITE.
Brief information:
  • Admin panel - create / edit / delete / activate / deactivate ranges of IP-addresses
  • Easy integration - add 2 PHP lines of code in the beginning of desired webpages
We also included installation guide. It takes less than one minute to install this script. Your server must support PHP and MySQL database. Please note, you should have some experience to install this script. You must know how to setup MySQL database on your server. Script can be integrated only into *.php files, so you can block access to php-files only.
IP Blocker - Admin Panel - Manage IP ranges
IP Blocker - Admin Panel - Manage IP ranges
Couple PHP lines of code integrated into webpage source code
Couple PHP lines of code integrated into webpage source code
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