'URL Shortener' script

Start your own TinyURL website with URL Shortener script. It is easy now!
Brief information:
  • Short URLs don't get broken in emails.
  • Short URLs are easier to remember.
  • Short URLs are easier to read out on the phone.
  • Short URLs look nicer.
  • Short URLs allow to hide affiliate URLs.
We also included installation guide. It takes less than one minute to install this script. Your server must support PHP and MySQL database. Please note, you should have some experience to install this script. You must know how to setup MySQL database on your server.
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* After payment is completed you receive e-mail message (we send it to your PayPal/Moneybookers e-mail) which contains download url. Please note this url is valid only 48 hours since payment done.
** Resale rights are not included.

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