'Moneybookers IPN Handler' script

You can find a lot of PayPal IPN Handlers in network, but there are no Moneybookers IPN examples in internet. Here you can download simple Moneybookers IPN handler and use it as you wish.
Archive contains two PHP-files:
  • moneybookers_button.php: PHP/HTML-code to generate Moneybookers "Buy now" button;
  • moneybookers_ipn.php: PHP-file that handle IPN requests from Moneybookers (handler sends notification to payer and to website administrator).
Exploring of these files is a good way to learn how Moneybookers instant payment notification works. You are free to use ones for any of your projects. Thank you.
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* After payment is completed you receive e-mail message (we send it to your PayPal/Moneybookers e-mail) which contains download url. Please note this url is valid only 48 hours since payment done.
** Resale rights are not included.

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marry1160 left message 07.12.2010, 05:09AM:

It's great and helpful to me!thanks!

KHALID left message 27.11.2010, 10:27PM:

Many Thanks I am searching for this script longtime ago

soleh left message 20.11.2010, 07:00PM:

it is cool

Floris left message 15.06.2010, 10:04PM:

Cool. Very happy that you were so generous to provide this a no-cost! If it works well, you can email me a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is-button and I'll click....